• Culture
    • YongLin Wenhua:this is a full of color and the connotation of enterprise spirit, he successfully embodies the spirit of yong Lin and Lin Wenhua forever.
      Enterprise Vision:denso parts edge operators around the world.
      Business Philosophy:honesty pragmatic, excellence, sustainable business
      Company Spirit:pioneering, innovation, unity and struggle
      Enterprise Mission:create value for customers, creating benefits for the enterprise, creating opportunities for staff, creating wealth for the society.
      Management Policy:quality win
      Quality Policy:the pursuit of excellence quality, customer satisfaction forever.
      Human Resources:humanist, the staff is the largest wealth in yong Lin, talent is the power of yong Lin unceasingly enterprising.
      Management Idea:a functional organization structure, operation process standardization, institutionalized management, professional staff.
      Management Slogan:iron barracks, the soldiers of the water.
      Staff Quality:passion, polite, serious, dedicated and confidence.
      Staff Image:kind, enthusiasm, sincerity, professional.
      Team Spirit:both together, tai shan shift.